At Saint-Gaudens we strive to produce the most beautifully designed, highest quality artistic pieces. Like any fine art, the beauty of the work is directly related to the skill of the sculptor/designer: The goal for Valerie Saint-Gaudens, in both her Jewelry designs and her Tile & Hardware design, is to bring beauty into people’s lives and environments.

We invite you to explore our Jewelry and Tile designs…


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VSGA beautiful product must be enhanced with superb customer service and order fulfillment. At Saint-Gaudens, we take to heart the experience you, our customer, has when ordering from us. Therefore we strive to exceed your expectations as we continue to be the company that everyone loves to do business with.

Family-owned and operated, we apply our values of quality, integrity, responsibility, and commitment to each other in the way we run our company. Everyone at Saint-Gaudens, from the design experts to the shipping department to the office staff and management, are working hard to help you realize you own beautiful dreams.

If you have any questions about our websites, product catalogs, or if there is anything that we can do to please you further, let us know! Contact us